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New Year 2005 D.J.Rick......WoW!.......Wow!!!, Every year our social club throws this new years party,but being primarly elderly residence nobody stays pass dinner or 10pm. When you said "They will stay for our show" I thought..yeah right!! They not only stayed till 12 they stayed till 1am!!Completely blown away by the ELVIS show at 10pm,and prior to that a steady flow of music and beautiful lighting.Then after the show the greatest mix of oldies and modern music that kept even the 70 year old's on the floor!!Our club would love to have you back! If you would like to use me as a reference please do so. Mark Wolter:Event Planner for the club. Sunnyvale,Ca.

Sept 20 2005 sweet 16 party! D.J.Rick, You were so much more than I thought you would be.You kept them all going all night!! You may also use us if anyone wants to check your D.J. abilities. Feel free to give out my home number 292-8366. I will certainly give you an outstanding recommendation. Let me know the next time you do a public Elvis concert I would love to see you. Hugs to you and thank again, Ginny

Elvis Show for KFRC Radio. Dear ELVIS/D.JRick. The staff at the stanford blood bank were so mooved by your performance for ELVIS birthday on behalf of KFRC radio!! Please feel free to use me as a recommendation anytime.Michelle Hyndman:Public Relations Manager,Stanford Med.Ctr.

Mitchell Birthday Party!! D.J.Rick, I am 40 and one day today,and I am still on cloud nine after the outstanding D.J/Elvis/Lighting show you presented for me.I had to take a few minutes to express how mooved I was with your ELVIS Tribute. I became completely consumed by you stage presence,and your on the mark singing voice to ELVIS music.Everbody thought you were lipsincing at first but we were wrong.I have never had a surprise birthday party.Nothing will ever top this one.You are a Fantastic well with tons of charisma!!Pleas feel free to use me as a reference anytime Stephanie Mitchell : (Billbank&Tweed)

D.J.Rick The Elvis concert was one of the best I have seen.....The guests are still raving about the show! The presentation was excellent, working with your company was seamless and I would recommend your company to any of my customers. Thanks so much!! Debbie Greene Director of Sales & Marketing Wyndham Garden Pleasanton 5990 Stoneridge Mall Road Pleasanton, CA 94588

D.J.Rick, Thanks for excellent music and performance in general last night in Tibouron.You both contributed to making our party a big success on september 10th, and people absolutely loved your mix of music, and also the great lightng effects.I'll be sure to pass on your number to everybody who might be interested in hiring the best party DJ in the Bay Area.... Many thanks,and see you again!!! Lisa & Kjell

Thank you! DJ Rick and The K.C.Team! Thank you for the wedding of a lifetime!! Our wedding is still the talk of all of our guest! What a party you had them Jumping all night I cant believe our wedding guest were staying all night ! We had so many phone calls the next day on how wonderful the Elvis show was, and how much fun they had! It was a great Idea to have the Elvis show while we were taking wedding pictures!What a Great Halloween party/ Reception! It was the bomb! Fantistic Music mixes,all the hightech lighting and energy all night! Our guest will never forget a wedding like that! As my new husband and I will never forget our shoctober wedding please feel free to use us as a reference and any photos you care to thank you soooooooooo much Stephanie and Lou 10/29/05

Thanks for your repeated perfection as a D.J.and a showman at our schools event!! we have used you the last 4 years for our annual walk a thon at Kathryn Hughes,and you have never let us down. In the past before you ,we had many problems with improper music being played by numerous other D.J's companies. We are glad we found you! We will see you next year. Thanks for always making time for us.

Thank you for making my daughters sweet 16 party so much fun! The karaoke contest was a great idea! Thank you for all the great music and all the fun games! Y. M. C. A ! That was so cool!! Thanks D.J.Rick, Sonya Hollenbeck

Thank you for making my sons 16th birthday in san francisco june10th 2005. We appreciated all your efforts in making sure all the music was free of any bad language. all the kids enjoyed themselves. Thank you again, F.Covinton
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D.J.Rick & the K.C. Crew!! As I was telling you when we first spoke on the phone,I threw my Husband a 40th birthday party 10 years ago. The D.J. was so horrible that I never would consider hiring a D.J. again. Now here comes his 50th party .Being a devoted Elvis fan I figured I would hire a Elvis Impersonator,and just play music on a boombox. I found your company and I was very impressed with all your services,and I figured what the heck I would take a chance on your D.J./Elvis show.Because of my past D.J.experience, I was very apprehensive. You were Incredible and so professional!! The D.J service,custom music designing,lighting,and Elvis show was unbelievable. Please use me anytime as a reference! Thank you again. Mary Francis 4-4-05

Thank you D.J. Rick!! When I had you play at our Halloween party in south san Jose in 2003 everybody left asking for your card. I realized we are kind of a crazy bunch,and we appreciate you playing the extra 2 hours for us.I cant believe the party pushed on till 3am! That's what you get for being such an excellent D.J.!! I also appreciate the great job you did with our Christmas party in Burlingame. I will be in touch next year. Hope you are not booked,but I will understand if you are. Thanks again Hazel Lim.

Thank you K.C. Entertainment for helping create a fun atmosphere at our 5th community resources party at the Makati clubhouse.It was a grand affair. We enjoyed the karaoke and the great music.and Lighting Fx.! Hope you enjoyed all the chicken we sent you home with!! You are Great performer and D.J. We really appreciated all your efforts to make are event a success! Michela Marek @Lawson&Associates

Thank you D.J.Rick and Bobbie for the great Christmas party entertainment at the half moon bay brewery on December 10th 2005. It was so Great the way the restraint said at first we couldn't turn up the sound until all the guest from inside the restraint started getting up from there seats to see "Elvis Live in Half Moon Bay Brewery!" Then they were saying "Turn it up!" Our party started out as 30 people. By the time you were into your 5th song there was 50to60people.That is not including the people watching from the street! the light show and smoke fx were so cool. I could not believe the incredible show! my company will never forget the electrifying show.

Thank you Rick & Bobbi so much for the great job that you did at our wedding. I have been to several weddings & you were the best DJ I've ever seen. When you didn't have the song I wanted for the father/daughter dance, you went out of your way & purchased the CD & just said you would add it to your collection. Thank you so much for doing that, it was the perfect song for my dad & I. When we got back from our honeymoon, all we heard was what a great job that you did. Everyone had so much fun. Thank you so much for helping to make our day so memorable. Jason & Karin Hensley, May 20, 2006

Good Morning Rick and Bobbi, I would like to say “Thank You†for all your involvement in making this special day for Lanise last weekend. The teens, kids and of course adults truly enjoyed the music and your emcee talents for the evening. I can not ever thank you enough for taking the time to teach the kids and adults the waltz dance. We truly appreciate all your support and services. You both are the best! King Creole Entertainment has been a wonderful company to work with, and I know we will definitely use your services again. We look forward to seeing the video and pictures. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. P.S. Lanise asked if she could have a “Sweet 16†next year and have King Creole Entertainment D.J. for her at a hall or our church. I told her we will have to pray about that and see if it is possible.

D.J.Rick/Elvis and I can't believe what an AMAZING birthday party you made happen for me! Thanks for the wonderful, wonderful dancing, the abundant good wishes, the lovely presents, and most of all, for your delightful company as I crossed what still seems a bizarre threshold for a 19-year-old. Forgive me for not writing earlier, but the morning after the party my job went crazy and I've been running day and night while preparing for the spring auditions and working full-time. But even all this mad rush was ever so much lighter with the smile you put on my face. I think it's there for good! I'm still glowing from all the loving warmth you brought to Counterpulse that night. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there. Love, Sarah

Hello DJ Rick aka. Elvis, Thank you for your participation and your involvement with the Sprint-Nextel/ NUMMI event! We were very happy to have you there and your performance will not be forgotten. The NUMMI employees truly enjoyed your performance and we heard many praises afterwards. You were professional throughout the vigorous planning and extended hours. Thank you for the professionalism and for customizing an opening song. That was great to help kick things off. King Creole Entertainment has been a wonderful company to work with and we hope to be able to use your services again. Thank you very much from all of us at Sprint-Nextel! Best regard, Tiara

Hello DJ Rick aka. Elvis, Thank you for your participation and your involvement with the Sprint-Nextel/ NUMMI event! We were very happy to have you there and your performance will not be forgotten. The NUMMI employees truly enjoyed your performance and we heard many praises afterwards. You were professional throughout the vigorous planning and extended hours. Thank you for the professionalism and for customizing an opening song. That was great to help kick things off. King Creole Entertainment has been a wonderful company to work with and we hope to be able to use your services again. Thank you very much from all of us at Sprint-Nextel! Best regard, Tiara -Matthew L, 3/14/2007, Corporate Function, Fremont, CA

WOW!! King Creole Entertainment was definatly the way to go! Rick was so Professional when it came to booking the event,to planning the night step by step! Elvis was SPECTACULAR!! The singing and performance was so amazing! My guests were surprised and entertained! My Mother had told me that she couldn't sleep when she got home that night after her party from all the surprises especially when Elvis showed up! It blew her away! SHe said she would never forget it and that it was the BEST Party she ever had! Thank You Rick, Barbara and Robert for all of your work, kindness and professionalism. THe party would not have been so Special with out you!!! THANKS YOU AGAIN!!! Amy

Rick Torres is an incredible entertainer! His portrayal of The King is excellent. I rank it up there with Vegas entertainment. The set, the lights, the music all well done. His voice will send chills up and down your spine. Simply AWESOME. I, as well as those attending our party, would highly recommend King Creole Entertainment if you want an outstanding show! His professionalism, as well as his crews, was flawless. He is such a personable person. He was enjoyed by all. After his show, he mingled for a short time, and his personality was hit. Thank you -Melba B, 3/3/2007, Birthday Party, San Jose, CA

Rick/ Bobbi, Kim and I personally want to say thank you, for all you¡¦re hard work and dedication to making our wedding day the most beautiful EVER! We are so glad that of all the DJ companies we looked at, that we went with yours. Picking a DJ, choosing music, coordinating, can be extremely stressful, but in this case it was smooth and fun! You and Bobbi worked very well in prepping us before the wedding, in music and set up choices, but also letting us know during the wedding every step you were taking by keeping us informed. You were able to accommodate us by having two DJ set-ups (ceremony / reception) with music and announcements. And wow the music, I can¡¦t believe we had people on the dance floor that we thought would never get up from their seat. Amazing! Last but not least, thank you for the highlight pictures on the DVD. We received it last night, and I think we have already viewed it 11 times. That is an amazing capture of the wedding- really brought back some great memories. Please post this on your web site and let any prospect know they can call us for a reference. We would love to tell our story about how helpful both of you were through it. If we or anyone has a party of any sort, you will be the first we would recommend or use. Take care and again thank you.

Rick, you are an outstanding DJ, you made my 40th birthday party ROCK!!!! Getting middle-aged Marin people to go crazy on the dance floor is a huge achievement - and everybody loved it! I hope you had as much fun as we did, (but you don't have to put up with aching feet....). I also hope you will come back next time we have a party, because we want only the best. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Lisa Spanburg. Tiburon CA.

We really enjoyed hiring Rick. Not only because it was it a wonderful surprise for the birthday gal, but most especially because of his terrific singing voice. His voice is what made it truly special for everyone.

DJ Rick! You made our wedding go from great to spectacular. Our family and friends can't stop talking about what a great show you put on! So many people told us that our wedding was the best wedding they have ever gone to! Your performance was amazing and our framily and friends found it very refreshing to the usual wedding stuff they normally see! Thanks for everything -amy & Stephen Fowler

Elvis/Rick , my 95 year old mom loved it and so did I. You were terrific and made the day very special for her. So many people came up to us and said this was the best party Villa Serena Retirement Home ever had. What a special day. Thanks for the red sweaty scarf, I will treasure it always because it was from "the King". I have told and will tell all my friends how great and handsome you.are. Oh, and you know how to sing too. You really went the extra mile. Thanks for a great party. j.


I brought my cousin-in-law and her mom and they had a great time. Her mom just got over cancer and this was probably the most fun she’s had in a long time. Elvis sang to her and gave her a smooch. He was there at her retirement party too and she got a kick out of seeing him again. It was priceless seeing mother and daughter have a truly lovely time. I don’t have my mom any more, but what a joy to see other mothers and daughters have a great time. I can’t say enough about what a nice evening it was. Thank you to all.

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